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Unpaid Super

"We focus exclusively on recovering unpaid SG contributions for members of Industry Super"

Are your members missing out on unpaid super?

We are the leader in the recovery of outstanding superannuation contributions.

With over 25 years’ experience we have a proven track record in partnering with super funds to ensure they have the most effective arrears management processes in place to benefit the member, and the fund:

  • Services range from specilalised legal and incolvency activites through to full end to end arrears management - depending on the fund's needs;
  • We have specialist teams with experience across most industries;
  • IFS takes over the ‘difficult’ conversations and collects any overdue payments,  maintaining the relationsjhip between the fund, its staff and the employer;
  • We have become expoerts at prevention and early intervention which allows quick recoery of unpaid SG amounts;
  • We provide the most cost-effective protection for members entitlements – We operate on a fee for service model;
  • We have a 'run only to benefit members' philosophy.

Contact Serg Premier Executive Manager, Business Development and Marketing for more information about how IFS Unpaid Super can work with your fund.

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Last updated on 18th October 2018