"Do you actively follow up any outstanding super contributions for your members?"

Using proven practices and highly specialised skills IFS will manage your SG recovery process from start to finish by:

  • Contacting employers via phone calls, SMS, email or mail;
  • Establishing tailored payment agreements for employers;
  • Monitoring of payment agreements until outstanding balances are cleared;
  • Providing detailed fund reporting so your fund can track the amount of outstanding superannuation contributions that has been recovered.

Legal Services

In cases where contact with the employer is not successful, legal action against an employer may be required.

With approval from the fund IFS will commence legal proceedings and prepare and issue all documentation from start to finish.

Insolvency Management

"When businesses are closing, who is protecting your members' best interests?"

When faced with insolvency, the money owed to employees may not be the first thing on the minds of the company’s management.

During this stressful period, who then is protecting your members’ best interests?

Our dedicated team of insolvency specialists focus on making sure your members' super entitlements are paid by attending creditors meetings, liaising with practitioners and monitoring the progress of cases until conclusion.