Multiple Licensing Options 

  • Representative  IFS employed financial advisers located in fund offices
  • Authorised Representative  Fund employed advisers authorised to provide advice under the IFS licence
  • A combination approach  Build an advice service using a combination of Representatives and Authorised Representatives

The type and level of advice that an adviser can provide is based on their knowledge and training and is subject to agreement between the fund and IFS.


Multiple Levels of Advice Complexity 


Our advice suite offers a complete range of advice levels that ensure fund members can easily access affordable and professional financial advice that is appropriate to their needs at different stages of their lives.

  • General advice  Financial help and information not personalised to the member
  • Limited advice  Help with simpler financial issues generally considered to be Intra Fund advice
  • Comprehensive advice  Full advice designed to help members understand the adequacy of their retirement savings
  • Ongoing Advice support  Tailored workflows that empower advisers to help members monitor their situation in an ever changing environment

Multiple Delivery Options 


A range of delivery channels and options that allows funds to:

  • Extend member reach without significantly impacting business costs
  • Members can access advice outside of normal business hours, or without having to travel to fund offices or live in major metropolitan centres
  • Help members obtain ‘face to face’ advice services when they can’t easily access a fund office