Our services

Compliance and Audit

IFS monitors regulatory guidance, our risk register, industry trends and client feedback. We respond by continually improving our framework and guidance. Our Advice Assurance Program entails:

  • Regular review cycle for all advisers
  • Compliance support - personalised feedback, coaching and training
  • Monitoring and supervision

IFS’s advice framework is audited annually by an independent 3rd party to ensure we have the processes, people and systems to meet all our regulatory obligations.

If your fund provides advice to members via third party advice providers or via a panel arrangement and you feel you could benefit from greater oversight of the advice provided, IFS can help.

Technology, tools and systems

At IFS, we continually focus on improving our tools and processes and employ the latest technology to make your business more efficient.

Our advice templates are simple to prepare, client-friendly and easy to understand. 

Reporting is available to identify training needs.

We have streamlined processes for technical and compliance queries, product and research requests.

Some recent technological innovations include:

  • Digital fact find and pre-population of online forms
  • Voice-to-text software
  • Video conferencing within Xplan
  • Explainer videos embedded within advice documents

Professional development and training

IFS provides extensive training and coaching to ensures advisers are:

  • equipped to meet their professional, licensee and legislative obligations
  • skilled in the right areas, appropriate for the not-for-profit (NFP) sector
  • providing a quality advice experience to members, efficiently and cost-effectively 
  • continually refining their skills 

We deliver Continuing Professional Development (CPD) specific to the NFP sector.

Digital advice

We partner with you to license digital advice tools and provide project management support for funds who wish to provide technology-led advice options for their members.

Paraplanning Services

Our skilled team of paraplanners provide high quality, compliant advice documents with low turnaround times. The team offers dedicated support to financial advisers.

You have the choice of IFS-employed paraplanners or fund-employed paraplanners – both with access to all IFS systems, tools and guidance.

The service is available as a fully outsourced paraplanning resource or as an overflow service with a transparent, competitive pricing structure.

Reporting, benchmarking and invoicing

Our reporting of all advice activity allows efficient identification and management of both successes and risks.

We offer:

  • Dedicated reporting solutions
  • Support with invoicing, finance and fee collection
  • Benchmark reporting so you can see how your fund is tracking relative to peers

Communications and community

Advisers receive regular communications to keep them up to date with all process improvements, industry news and legislative changes.

A portal provides 24/7 access to all guidance and business resources in one place.

A database of all adviser records helps Practice Managers manage their team effectively.

There’s an online community to share information and ask questions.

Our online onboarding system ensures new employees become productive sooner.


IFS professional indemnity insurance covers the advice we license.