Executive Managers

Industry Fund Services Limited (IFS) is the parent company of, and service provider to, wholly owned subsidiaries Super Member Investments (SMI) and Industry Funds Investments Limited (IFI). IFS Executive Managers also act as Executive Officers of SMI and IFI.

Csaba Baranyai web

 Csaba Baranyai
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Alison McIvor.jpg

Alison McIvor
Executive Manager - Unpaid Super

adrian gervasoni

Adrian Gervasoni
Executive Manager - Advice Solutions


Leadership Team

img IFS 104 davidg 2 0922

David Gammage
Financial Controller (Corporate)


img IFS 104 natalie 2 0922

Natalie Lister
Financial Controller (Product and Tax)


img IFS 104 mandie 2 0922

Mandy Cunningham
Head of People & Culture


img IFS 104 davids 2 0922

David Saunders
ICT & Performance Reporting Manager 


img IFS 104 susan 3 0922 

Susan Paschinger
Head of Marketing





Executive Managers who ceased employment with IFS during the current or previous financial year

Cath Bowtell
Chief Executive Officer