AUSfund Eligible Rollover Fund

AUSfund operates to ‘house’ member accounts of Participating Funds before they become lost and inactive, and transfer super monies to active member accounts of Participating Funds without member prior consent. AUSfund is a market leader in transferring members accounts to active accounts.

Key reasons to choose AUSfund

  • Participating Funds can receive transfers from AUSfund without having to obtain prior consent of members.
  • One low annual fee – reduces erosion of members’ account balances from activity fees, insurance premiums, entry and exit fees and investment choice charges.
  • Inactive super members transferred to AUSfund remain in the fund until matched with an active account, claimed by the member under condition of release provisions or sent to the ATO as lost.
  • Funds are invested with the aim of delivering a competitive return, helping accounts to continue to grow when contributions are not being received.
  • Members can search for and transfer accounts in AUSfund using only their name, birthdate and address – no need for hard to remember TFN details or complicated registrations.
  • Simple online transfer process allows members to quickly and easily transfer AUSfund-held super into their active super account or claim balances under $200.
  • Members can update details online using a verification tool powered by GreenID.
  • No entry or exit fees.
  • Account balances transferred to AUSfund from multiple funds can be merged where member details are the same.

Key Benefits to Funds

Offering your members an additional low cost industry super solution for periods when they are not actively contributing to their accounts helps your fund to:

  • Retain industry super FUM — the funds stay within the industry super network, where they can continue to grow while we make all efforts to transfer AUSfund members’ accounts to their active super accounts.
  • Provide additional specialist attention and time for accounts to be matched, merged or claimed before compulsory ATO transfer deadlines fall due.
  • Continue to act in the best interests of members by protecting all but the smallest super accounts from erosion by fees and charges. AUSfund has a long history of competitive, market based returns.


Industry Funds Investments Limited (IFI), ABN 17 006 883 227, AFSL 229881, RSE L0000413 as the Trustee of Australia’s Unclaimed Super Fund, trading as AUSfund. Before investing in any product you should read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and consider the appropriateness of any investment for your objectives, financial needs or situation. A copy of the AUSfund PDS is available at