A word from Cath

Welcome to the first edition of IFS Update, a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed of key events, news and insights from IFS.

In this inaugural edition, I'd like to share with you a little about changes at IFS since I commenced as CEO over 18 months ago, and how our business is evolving to continue to meet the needs of our client funds.

Over recent years, IFS has increasingly focussed on financial advice as our core offer and the 2017-20 business plan directs resources to growth in this area. This includes a recognition of the growing importance of digital channels and a commitment to taking a leadership role in bringing the next generation of digital engagement and advice tools to not for profit super funds. This is a key priority of the IFS Advice Forum, established in August this year.

Cross fund matching and arrears collection also remain important services for us and for the industry super funds with whom we work.

We are also working to improve the efficiency of our business by reducing resource allocation to non-essential activities. Our decision to exit IRIS and to reduce the complexity of our non-super investment offering, demonstrate our focus on ensuring the structure and operations of IFS are aligned to delivering on our core purpose.

You'll find more about the work IFS has been doing in these areas throughout this newsletter.

I hope you enjoy the first edition of our IFS Update. To find out more about our services or any of the issues raised here, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

Cath Bowtell
IFS Chief Executive