Partnering with funds and the ATO to decrease unpaid super 

IFS Unpaid Super employs a number of strategies to improve the collection of unpaid super.

Working closely with the ATO

Following the attendance of James O’Halloran, Deputy Commissioner for Taxation, at the second meeting of the Unpaid Super Working Group, IFS Unpaid Super has been discussing ways of collaborating more closely with the ATO on behalf of client funds. This includes joining forces to pilot a program for those employers who are persistently late payers. Work on this is well underway. 

How we manage employer relationships

“I’d like to speak to your Manager.” When Roevi, a Credit Officer in IFS’s Unpaid Super division heard these words her heart sank. Roevi’s role is to contact employers who have been identified as failing to pay SG contributions to their staff. In this case, the employer’s SG payments had fallen two years behind. Their initial conversation had started with uneasiness and confusion on the part of the small business owner.

Roevi listened patiently to the employer and was able to identify that the key reasons for the payments slipping included: a) the employer’s ill-health; b) a lack of understanding of the correct processes; and c) administration errors made by staff at the business. A plan to resolve the issues was discussed with the employer.

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The business owner wanted to speak to Roevi’s Manager simply to pass on her thanks. She said Roevi had been extremely helpful - not only in fixing processes but also for listening to the personal reasons for their predicament. She said that after a very difficult time, they were relieved to be getting the business back on track.

Protecting relationships between funds and employers is always central to IFS Unpaid Super’s approach in helping pursue members’ super entitlements.

Building deeper understanding with client funds 

We take this same approach working in collaboration with our client funds.

Following an informal Q & A session by Jo Prossimo, our Legal & Insolvency Manager, Mark Butterworth, Head of Administration Operations & Contract Performance, at Cbus said:

"It’s a pleasure to work with Jo and the team at IFS. She’s always supportive of Cbus. She provided us with a detailed understanding of the legal process today - a very informative session and another example of her willingness to work with us to improve overall processes for the benefit of our members."


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