Search for your inactive super account

Have you...

  • Changed jobs (and moved to a new fund with your new employer)?
  • Had more than one job at the one time (and super was being paid into different accounts by your employers)?
  • Moved house (and forgot to update your address with the fund)?
  • Changed your name (marriage, divorce etc)?
  • Worked in Australia as a temporary resident and since left Australia?

Then you may have an inactive super account with AUSfund. 

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Find your inactive super account

It is estimated that one in two Australians have inactive super accounts. That represents approximately $18 billion in inactive super accounts waiting to be transferred to active accounts.

Search for your inactive super account at:

AUSfund - with more than 1 million accounts and $500 million in funds under management, it is one of the largest Eligible Rollover Funds in Australia. The search is quick, easy and free – initially you only have to provide your name and date of birth. If AUSfund is holding any funds for you, they will help you to transfer it to your active account. In some cases you might be able to claim some or all of it as a cash payment.


Last updated on 27th April 2016