Why outsource to IFCC?

"Asking for money, following up outstanding debt and managing payment arrangements are specialist skills."

  • Few companies have staff with the necessary specialist skills in house and many don’t need these services on a full time basis.
  • The easiest and fastest way to collect your member’s unpaid super monies is to help the employer – very few of them deliberately fall behind in their payment obligations.
  • Relationships between the fund, its staff and the employer are maintained. IFCC takes over the ‘difficult’ conversations and collects any overdue payments;
  • We provide the most cost-effective protection for members entitlements – IFCC only charges for each successful collection;
  • Insolvency is a lengthy process, usually taking at least 18 months (but some take years). Most funds can’t justify the large commitment of resources and staff to manage them in-house.

"We have a run only to benefit members philosophy"


Industry Funds Credit Control (IFCC) is a division of Industry Fund Services Limited (IFS), ABN 54 007 016 195.  



Last updated on 29th June 2016