Industry Fund Portfolio Service

Helping your members with their non super investment needs

The Industry Fund Portfolio Service (IFPS) is a simple, price competitive investment and administration solution which has been developed to complement members’ superannuation savings.

The IFPS can provide your members with a range of investment options for funds they want to invest beyond their superannuation account.

Complement your member retention strategies by cementing the position of your fund as a ‘one stop shop’ for members’ super and non-super needs.

Features of the IFPS

  • A flexible range of investment options, including investment models, term deposits and investor directed trading in ASX listed securities
  • Control and visibility over cash flows via the linked Cash Management Account
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Online access 24/7

Want to know more?

Visit our dedicated website at or call 1300 734 496.



Last updated on 29th June 2016